This month’s Manchester LWDS will be at 1pm, Saturday 12th June. It will be a ‘Ladies Who Do Skepticism (& Lunch) this time instead of the usual coffee-shop jaunt.

New faces very welcome! Come and introduce yourself. Make new friends, and chat with fellow critical thinkers. Proudly renounce woo amongst women who don’t think you’re ‘spoiling their fun’, and question whether ‘it’s harmless!’. Discuss your feelings on pseudoscience targeted at women, and what’s lacking in the world of skepticism.

This will take place at Kro Piccadilly (i.e. somewhere central we can get a nice table and meal but not too expensive).

Sign up here on facebook, or email to save your seat!

***Don’t forget! If you’d like to have a LWDS meet in your area, contact us at!***

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