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With the exciting upcoming events put on by Edinburgh Skeptics in August, including Skeptics on the Fringe and Skepticamp, it would be the perfect time to delve into skepticism in this beautiful city.  If you’ve never been to a skeptical event before, you’ll be really surprised how easy it is to get talking to complete strangers.  The commonality of being a critical thinker at least rules out the likelihood of someone asking you your star sign as an ice-breaker*.

As ‘luck’ would have it (okay; by design really) if you are a female skeptic, you have an opportunity to meet up with other skeptics in Edinburgh before the fantastic plethora of events you have prepared for you there!  There will be a ‘Ladies Who Do Skepticism (& Coffee)’ meet-up on Saturday the 29th July, at ‘A Taste of Italy Caffe‘ at 2pm.  Whether you are a total newbie, or a well-seasoned skeptic, please do come along for very casual skeptical and non-skeptical chat.  The ‘Caffe’ can be found between the Playhouse and RBS branch at the top of Leith Walk, and we’ll meet at the tables in the back.  Please RSVP  here on Facebook or by emailing so we can have a rough idea of numbers.  Also, feel free to ask any questions or make suggestions to the same email address!  For more information about why LWDS was started, see the ‘about’ section or listen to some of the interviews on the podcasts from the ‘Press and Podcast’ pages.

You may even meet people who you can go along with to the speaker event the very next day, which looks set to be a great talk.  JF Derry will be talking about Edinburgh, Evolution and Enlightenment under the title ‘Darwin in Scotland’.

* Please do not hold Ladies Who Do Skepticism to this claim

New faces very welcome! Come and introduce yourself. Make new friends, and chat with fellow critical thinkers. Proudly renounce woo amongst women who don’t think it’s you’re ‘spoiling their fun’, and question whether ‘it’s harmless!’. Discuss your feelings on pseudoscience targeted at women without being afraid to ‘spoil the fun’ for those who don’t enjoy such a strong link to rationality, and tell us what you think is lacking in the world of skepticism.

We’d like to create a real-life network of ‘Ladies Who Do Skepticism’ through our events, and hope to bring more of a community feel at existing skeptical events too.  Gender balance is healthy for discussion and under-rated.  More importantly; why shouldn’t skeptics have skeptical friends?

June’s LWDS’s Luncheon in Manchester went down really well, so we’ll be doing similar in Liverpool this time. Therefore, it will be a ‘Ladies Who Do Skepticism (& Lunch) this time instead of the usual coffee-shop jaunt.  We’ll meet at Kimo’s  in Mt Pleasant (a short walk from Liverpool Lime Street, click here for the map) at 1:30pm on Saturday 10th July.  Please email or RSVP on here on Facebook to reserve your place.

If you’d like to know more about Ladies Who Do Skepticism before deciding, see our ‘Press and Podcasts’ Link above, or visit any of the great links on our blogroll for general skeptical discussion.

Questions or suggestions? Contact us at

Join other skeptic women at TAM8 for lunch in the Ballroom at the South Point Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada on 9th July at 12:30pm.

There’s already an amazing ensemble of women signed up on the facebook event page- click here to RSVP yourself!

In the words of Heidi Anderson, who is heading up the group on behalf of the She Thought critical thinking blog:

In a Madonna/Gwynethesque effort to cash in on the coolness of all things British, is bringing the UK sensation stateside!!

At The Amazing Meeting 8 we will be reserving a group of tables specifically for a women’s mixer at the Friday lunch. White gloves and pearls are optional, but critical thinking is not! We hope to see you there.

Learn more on Facebook, at; Heidi’s blog, or at

Is there someone you love listening to, someone who has interesting things to say on any topic in skepticism, even someone with whom you strongly disagree but love discussing with? Why don’t you get this heard?! Ladies Who Do Skepticism are going to start a submission-based podcast.  This will be based on an interview format, and will be open to all entries.

If you’d like to interview a known personality, an academic, or even your nan (who may also be all of the above, you never know!), we’d like to hear from you.  We can help you set up, try to put you in contact if necessary, and even give you a hand with your interview questions if you like.  The person does not have to be a woman.

If you are familiar with podcasting or recording, feel free to do the editing yourself.  If not, send us your mp3 audio files and we’ll do it for you.  The show will start with a brief introduction from a regular host about the interviewer and interviewee, 15 minutes of interview, and then a round-up of local LWDS and other skeptical events of the week.

Basically, we want to hear more of what YOU want to say, and about the topics YOU would like to discuss.



This month’s Manchester LWDS will be at 1pm, Saturday 12th June. It will be a ‘Ladies Who Do Skepticism (& Lunch) this time instead of the usual coffee-shop jaunt.

New faces very welcome! Come and introduce yourself. Make new friends, and chat with fellow critical thinkers. Proudly renounce woo amongst women who don’t think you’re ‘spoiling their fun’, and question whether ‘it’s harmless!’. Discuss your feelings on pseudoscience targeted at women, and what’s lacking in the world of skepticism.

This will take place at Kro Piccadilly (i.e. somewhere central we can get a nice table and meal but not too expensive).

Sign up here on facebook, or email to save your seat!

***Don’t forget! If you’d like to have a LWDS meet in your area, contact us at!***

******This meeting has been postponed, please check back (or on one of the links below) at a later date for information on rescheduling!*******

The next Ladies Who Do Skepticism event will be in Bath, brought to you by the newly relaunched and re-thought Bath Skeptical Society .

Ladies Who Do Skepticism (& Coffee) will be held on Saturday 5th June, at the Hands of Bath Tea Room.  What a perfect location for Bristol, Bath and other local skeptical women to get together! As they say:

*look for the ladies with a cuddly toy pug with a pink jumper. That’s us!*

‘Ladies who do skepticism’ events are monthly meet-ups designed to Broaden our skeptical community, bring balance to skeptical events and discussing the pseudoscience specifically targeted at women.

Did we mention there will be tea, coffee and cake?

Don’t be shy, come along and say hello and become part of the Bath skeptical community. We don’t bite much.

To RSVP to this event, go to the event page on facebook (and please RSVP- it helps give the organisers an idea for numbers!).

Running this meeting will be the lovely Hayley Stevens, of the Righteous Indignation Podcast and the Rather Friendly Skeptic Blog amongst other things… find out more when you meet her!

Another month, another Meet-up… this time LWDS is presented to you on behalf of the Merseyside Skeptics Society. A big thanks to them for their continued support!

Café Eros is at the National Conservation Centre in Liverpool (for travel information please look here).  We’ll be meeting in the Cafe at 2pm, this saturday the 8th May.  Please feel free to bring a friend, sister or mother along!  Children are also welcome.

The museum has free entry to the all exhibitions and events and is open from 10am-5pm, so why not pop along early and have a look around.  If you’re travelling in and fancy some company, why not join the facebook event and see if anyone else feels the same way?

In the meantime, catch up with skeptical events, news, views and people by checking out the Merseyside Skeptics Society blog, their facebook page and, of course, their two excellent podcasts: Skeptics with a K and InKredulous.

On Saturday, 10th April the inaugural ‘Ladies Who Do Skepticism (& Coffee)’ meeting was held at An Outlet on Dale St., Manchester.  A call in the morning to inform me that the arranged venue was not going to open had me all-a-fluster, but the only available Barista that day put on a brave face for us and opened up all on her lonesome, just so we could enjoy our Saturday coffee with a side helping of skepticism in the company of like-minded women.  Or at least, that’s what I like to think.

There was only a small group of us on the day; ladies from Manchester Skeptics and Merseyside Skeptics ‘Skeptics in the Pub’ events, alongside a couple of new faces.  We talked about why face creams now need ‘Seven Ways to Combat Aging’, why Davina McCall needs to have ‘natural hair additions’  to advertise a hair colour, why skeptics events are so much of a sausage-fest, and how our female friends react to our opinions on homeopathy and horoscopes.  The time flew by, and before too long our lonely Barista was ready to shut shop.  After chatting outside for a while about upcoming events in the area, we each went our separate ways, happy in the knowledge that we are not alone in our rejection of the pseudoscience and just-so stories that pepper our daily lives in a bid to save us from aging and make our armpits look sexier.

There are two ‘Ladies Who Do Skepticism’ events in the coming weeks; one in Bath and one in Liverpool.  Stay tuned for more information.

Many thanks to Andrew Taylor of for the Ladies Who Do Skepticism-inspired drawings!

Follow him on Twitter: @Andrew_Taylor


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